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Environmental management done right will save you money. Reducing your carbon footprint through a well-implemented management system will go straight on the bottom line and will help you comply with legislation and improve your tender processes with the added value of changing the culture of responsibility in your business. Environmental management is about more than ticking boxes. It means reducing your impact on the environment and making your business more efficient. 

Areas of Support

  • Compliance Cube provides expert environmental consultancy, legal protection insurance, a unique portal giving you total vision throughout your business so you can address your environmental performance, comply with legislation and potentially save money.
  • Our experienced consultants work in many sectors from small single site operations through to multi-site national businesses to help you develop an Environmental Management System or access urgent advice on the disposal of different waste streams. We can visit sites or provide advice over the phone.
  • Compliance Cube offers a comprehensive range of environmental management training.  We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of environmental risk management and training, developing new solutions that enable our clients to effectively manage their environmental impacts and take forward their environmental strategies.
  • We can help design and implement an environmental management system to achieve environmental certification, such as the internationally-recognised ISO 14001.
  • If the worst happened, and as long as you have followed the advice of Compliance Cube, our Environmental Management Legal Defence Insurance will cover you for legal expenses.

Added Value

We help you with the environmental information and advice you require through our:

  • 24/7 Compliance Cube  Advice Service phone line
  • Environmental Management System personalised to your business
  • Online template documents, letters and forms through Compliance Cube
  • Action Manager, Risk assessments and incident reporting all web based accessible by phone for ease of reporting and a managing trends      

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