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Identifying key issues or a need for changes can be the making or breaking of most companies’ processes and procedures.

Compliance Cube has a series of task management tools which all feed into the Action Manager module. So not only can trends be identified and recorded, individuals within the organization can be designated to take on the different responsibilities of implementing the necessary changes. Their progress being tracked by senior management on a continual basis.

Action Manager like any good management tool will allow you to filter outstanding actions by category, department or person, giving you control over a large number of departments and staff as well as a satellite depot or office, all at the touch of a button.

If you are looking to make improvements in your business like track non-conformities, address the root cause of problems, manage related actions in a timely and effective manner, then Compliance Cube’s Action Manager module is for you, as it will identify areas of improvement and give your business the tools it needs to resolve key issues quickly and efficiently.

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