About Us

Compliance Cube is the complete compliance solutions in one box. The system has been designed by users who needed a solution to manage their processes and remain compliant, with the added support mechanism of experienced qualified experts advising along the way and cutting out the huge overhead of full time staff or the administration time need to collect data and act on it.

The system is designed to collect and review compliance issues by the people in the sharp end doing their day to day tasks. This makes the management system work for the company and allows it to be ready for Audit at any stage, rather than the accreditation or management system just being a document which comes out once a year and a mad panic to ‘get ready’ for Audit.

Compliance Cube was created as a management tool to fit into the running of your business – you don’t change the way you work to create evidence for Audit you create it each day making you ready for audit at any time. More importantly you have live data to make the right business decisions, not ones based on speculation. It enables you to satisfy your legal and corporate social responsibility and your obligations to your employee’s and the environment.

Compliance Cube will deliver a fully-integrated compliance solution that resolves issues and spots trends. Compliance Cube will help you make sound business decisions keeping you compliant from the increased liability to Directors, Mangers and Officers.

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